New D-MAN System

A NEW Development in Underground Tree Anchoring Solutions

Designed primarily to replace the traditional Deadman such as Kerbstones or Sleepers in areas where normal underground anchors are impossible to use due to Services
/Shallow Soil / Roof Gardens or Gas Tight Membranes on Brownfield sites.

rootball diagram Key Benefits of D-MAN
  • Extremely easy to use either individually or in multiples

  • Simple to lock / unlock cells together

  • Cells are omni directional for connecting together

  • Unique letterbox style wire tendon anchor point system

  • The cells are nestable and packed with our kits in standard boxes, therefore one source supply reducing packaging and transport costs. All can be delivered on one pallet including our Piddler Tree Irrigation System.

  • Unique cup shape for water storage

  • Tested & approved by industry experts
Deadman and DMAN kits must have the deadmen positioned at least 30cm below the base of the rootball. Only tree soil should be used above the deadmen and must be finally compacted to 60%, up to the nursery line.

Unique Locking System

Quick & Easy Assembly

Connect to Create any Size

Simple Centre Slot Anchor Point Nestable for Compact Transportation

In addition to the prime function there are additional recommended uses

rootball diagram
  • Build up large planting areas with connected cells, secure your trees or large shrubs with our D-MAN System in any position you require; with the flexibility to reposition if needed

  • Protects the roof planting area from damage, allows catchment water to drain underneath, leaving the balance in cells.

  • Stackable by rotating 180 degrees to allow planting areas to be built up and providing additional structural support to surrounding areas

  • Made from recycled plastic!

And last but not least the Tree Kits...

Platipus D-MAN System - Plati-Mat

Platipus D-MAN System - Strap





Platipus Anchors technology is protected by International Patents, Trademarks
and Registered Copyright

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