• ARGS - Markshall Farm Cutting
    ARGS - Markshall Farm Cutting
  • Tree Anchoring Systems - Priory Park - UK
    Tree Anchoring Systems - Priory Park - UK
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    Retaining Wall Anchoring - Wrexham
  • ARGS - Slope Stabilisation, Gateshead
    ARGS - Slope Stabilisation, Gateshead
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    Temporary Support - A1(M) Upgrade
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    ARGS - Orford Levee Improvement
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    Drainage Solutions - Westbury
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    Vineyard Anchoring - Nyetimber Estate


Over 30 years of experience in providing Percussion Driven Earth Anchoring Solutions (PDEA's®) for a wide variety of market sectors. The proof of our work, engineering skills and diligence speaks for itself in the large portfolio of examples and applications shown on our website.

Since being founded in 1982, Platipus Anchors has become renowned as the market-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of mechanical earth anchoring products after earning the reputation of providing some of the most cost-effective, innovative and easily-installed anchoring solutions to a wide range of industries throughout the world.

On our website, you can find out more about the various applications for which our ground anchors are suited, view Case Studies and Technical Data about our products, and download brochures for more information on our product range.

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Platipus Anchors designs and manufactures high quality ground anchoring solutions that can be used across a wide range of market sectors, including Civil Engineering (e.g. retaining walls, slope stabilisation, bridge repair, pipelines, guyed structures and erosion control), Landscape (e.g. tree anchoring and irrigation systems), Agricultural (e.g. crop protection, vineyard, orchard and soft fruit trellising) and many others.

Platipus Anchors has a wide range of products and anchor designs. For example, the Stealth Anchor, with its narrow profile, is designed to cover a wide range of lightweight anchoring and requires only a single core hole to drive through a stone or masonry wall. In contrast, the Platipus Bat Anchor is designed to achieve higher loads and also enhance anchoring in softer cohesive soils.

In addition, Plati-Drain, which is a unique solution in the UK, reduces pore water pressure within clay slopes and behind retaining walls and the Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions (ARGS®) can offer some standard anchor systems for surface erosion and shallow slide protection applications.

In the UK, Platipus Anchoring Solutions have been implemented by:

Other Services

In addition to supplying Anchoring Solutions, Platipus Anchors offers a number of Additional Services, including training and product support, to help its customers get the best use out of the anchoring systems they purchase. Other services offered include:

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